judi Dench and me.

This one is short and very sweet.
You probably haven’t got time to boil the kettle,
but give it a go if you like…
Judi Dench.
Yes, many of my posts deal with people that I don’t actually know, that are not actually a realistic part of my life. musings of my friendships with them in my imagination…
Baz lurhman & Meryl Streep spring to mind.
except for that commandant from ADFA in my last post.
He was delightfully real!! That sounds like I’m being rude about him, I’m not !!
He was just delightful thats all.
Actually!! I just remembered I had to clear something up about said commandant and me!!
It made me sad, well not sad, but dismayed, well not dismayed either, more like just standing there with my mouth open concerned ( yet again ) I may well have made a dick of myself. when it has actually been pointed out not everyone “gets it ” when I’m joking!!
See When I read Ellen DeGeneres highly amusing book and she wrote how she loves to invite the neighbourhood children over and they get drunk together all the time. It was, I think,understood she was joking !
People get Ellen is joking. Is it because she is a multi award winner ( surely she is !!) is a very famous comic/entertainer and is on the TV. She doesn’t need to write “lol” at the end of a sentence.
and I do…
An example of this going horribly wrong for me is when I made what I thought was A humorous little comment on FB
of how I might get so excited to meet the commandant at ADFA I might just kiss him square on the mouth !
I have had many a person now remark on this and ask what happened after I did it, Um… I didn’t, It was a joke. LOL.
A wise saying ( I think about me)”Never let the truth get in the way of a good story” LOL!
but back to Judi.
Judi Dench is kind of a big deal in our home.
why? Well I’m sure you will agree she is the epitome of grace and elegance and is obviously ( after Meryl) the greatest actress ever. That’s all. oh and I just think she seems nice.
We often bring her up in conversation as if she has just left the room.
Things like, “But what would Judi Dench do ??” we often utter in response to a problem or
“if only Judi could have seen that, Oh how she would have laughed, her gorgeous, throaty, husky laugh !!”
Oh Judi !!
I do not think this is at all strange.
Just a healthy love and respect for someone I’ve only seen on TV and movies. Nothing wrong with that.
But I do just have to tell you our, ( my ) yes it is pretty much only me joy in Judi worship came to a heady climax the other afternoon when I realised I have indeed transferred my love of Judi to my 2 year old grandaughter.
See, I must back track a little here.
When last years Academy awards were on and again I was transfixed by watching people I don’t know personally on the TV and feeling excited. Judi herself was up for an award. I can’t remember what, that would mean details and I’m not that good with them. My daughter, cute cute grandchildren and I were watching and we had a little statue that we held pretending we were getting awards and if not us then every other winner had to be Judi Dench.
Oh the fun we have with two small children that are our captive audience and can’t leave without us so they have to join in !!
The statue is actually a small beautiful African woman carrying a water urn but it is Oscar shaped so in a pinch had to do.
So my little grandaughter is well versed in yelling out “Judi Dench! Judi Dench! the Oscar goes to Judi Dench!”
again, I do not find this strange.
When, (back to present time now ) Up popped on the TV that old classic show “as time goes by” starring none other than Judi herself !!
and some man
and Judi !!
and This is how I know the love of Judi will travel down the lines of generations in my family, which is obviously of utmost importance!!
When my little grandaughter heard the magical words uttered, “Judi Dench is on TV!!” she came running into the lounge, very excitedly ran to the TV pointing and exclaiming ‘Judi Dench!! Judi Dench!!
as anyone would !!
and we were saying “where?” ” Where is Judi?” remembering she is 2, and whilst an older child may have lost interest like a trooper, she carried on pointing and shouting “Judi!” Judi!”
Even when we tried to test her…. What?
We would point to another person on the screen and say “Is this Judi Dench ?” She would shake her brilliant little head and say “No!!” then ofcourse when Judi would be back on screen the excitement would start again!!
It was genius.
and this is all I have to say on this subject actually.
I think I should warn you right about now if you are reading this and looking for some kind of enlightenment on world issues or any issue really. I think we can all agree you are in the wrong blog !!!
Your friend and mine, Nat. X


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