The checkout girl and me.

The idea of paying a good deed forward
or just brightening someone’s day unexpectedly
seems like a good thing to do.
Doesn’t it ?
The checkout girl and me.
I did indeed “pay it forward ” the other day . Well sort of …
Found myself standing in the checkout line at the supermarket totally minding my own business when there it was ! popped straight into my head the thought,
Pay for the groceries of the dear lady in front of you !!!
My mind seemed to go into fast motion . Yes I’ve read the facebook stories, yes I’d seen the movie. but did people really do these things ? My mind was still moving fast.
What !? What did you say !? can I do that !!? How much stuff does she have !!?????
I looked , it was ok , wasn’t that much stuff . ( I know . I know but I still had to have enough money to pay for my own stuff as well. I couldn’t exactly count on the person behind me cottoning on to the trend at the exact same moment I did.
I was on my own.
she was pretty old, had a walking stick and had brought her own green shopping bags. Good one.
Luckily for me she wasn’t nimble.
Once the checkout girl had scanned her items the lady busied herself lifting her bags into her trolley. Thankfully I didn’t take any notice of her struggles because it gave me time to put my well thought out ( in ten seconds ) plan in place. As she was bending into the trolley I quickly and excitedly half whispered half mouthed to the checkout girl ” I’ll pay for her stuff.”
Maybe I spoke too quickly, maybe she was hard of hearing , maybe she thought I was telling her to get stuffed but instead of a conspirators wink and a pat on the back the checkout girl just stared back at me and said “What ?”
I had to hurry. I was going red cause I already sensed the confusion and I didn’t want the lady to catch me in the act. I wanted to surprise her !
I said it again waved my eftpos card in the girls face and she finally understood.
Just in the nick of time the green light approved my purchase. I stood there not sure of what would happen next but exhilarated by the thoughts. The lady finally turned around with her purse at the ready. I let the checkout girl have her moment … “Um, she already paid.” she said, pointing at me. I just smiled, a simple gesture but I felt that’s all that was needed.
Again, though I have to admit a little underwhelmed the lady answered, “What?”
I thought I should take matters into my own hands by now, my vigour was starting to sink.So I said ” I just thought I would pay for you. ” I nearly said, just for shits and giggles just to lighten the mood but stopped myself as I sensed this also might not be understood .
The checkout girl was onto my stuff by now. the lady just stared at me and I kid you not, didn’t say a word !
She instead started bustling quickly away as quick as her little legs on her little walking stick could manage. Then the unthinkable happened !! Yes a tad dramatic but I was already blood red in the face at the awkwardness so everything seemed unthinkable!! She stumbled a bit and dropped her walking stick ! I moved quickly somehow feeling I needed to make amends for causing her to be confused and seemingly alarmed. I went to pick it up for her as she was bending and well she didn’t exactly push me out of the way but kind of blocked me and said , not unkindly but curtly “I’m ok. “
So there I was. I don’t say any of this to portray the lady in a bad light instead just letting you know, “Pay it Forward…. not everyone has seen the movie.


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