Sounds like the start of a poem… It’s not!!
Blog, blogging, blogger.
Staring into space.
Looking at cobwebs. The end. Ha!
No, not pretty-out-in-nature type situations of cobwebs, just ones that you look at when you look up in your home as you are in mid-pause of thinking of a witty repartee and see lots of fine whispy cobwebs just sort of hanging randomly in corners of your ceiling and feel some sort of shame but not enough to actually do anything about them. Then another thought pops into your head just as quickly and the shame of cobwebs is gone!! And that, my friends, is how the cobwebs got so bad in the first place. So… I could just leave my first blog at that I guess, a bewildering insight into my thoughts on cobwebs. Not exactly the riveting start I had hoped for as I enter into this whole new world of blogging. See, I’m asking myself, “Why am I starting a blog? Well I enjoy a bit of a write and I thoroughly enjoy a good laugh,” I have answered myself quite matter of factly but kindly. And who doesn’t, you may have just said to yourself, and though we are having this conversation telepathically I do agree with you, to a point!! (“Controversy already” I hear you ask, again telepathically. More on this later.) (Writing class 101, keep them in suspense!) My brother, God rest his soul. He’s not dead but I just think that’s quite a nice thing to say . He is always marvelling (mostly at me! ha!!) that in our family we are always “looking for the funny”, which is true! Make us laugh and we are yours forever. We have had some unusual, common, sad, disturbing things happen to us to be sure. Though the overriding thing that always sees us through is our ability to “look for the funny”. It can change a situation or even how you see someone. You know how some people are actually quite conventionally unattractive but because they are just so funny they have a charisma that oozes and you start to find them a little bit dishy after all . That actor from the Mighty Boosh has just popped into my mind (mainly cause I don’t want anyone I know reading this and think I’m talking about ugly old them!!) I just can’t remember his name right now but he is a bit on the unconventional side as a heart throb but I get a little tingle if you know what I mean! I have just had to write all that instead of just popping his name in first off and getting on with it cause I am writing this on paper and have not a computer next to me to look up his name cause that is the kind of organic rustic vintage type I am, I write on paper first! Truth be told I type really quite slowly for todays standards… Meaning I type really slowly. I can’t write important things like this slowly as I would lose my train of thought whilst looking for the right key (a young groovy person just probably groaned telepathically of course and shut me right down. Assuming a young groovy person has even looked at me or this blog sideways!! I don’t even know what that means really but I feel upset at the rudeness). This is just one of the many “honest” moments you can look forward to if you keep reading me and make me famous! Yes , I said it! (Oh careful what you wish for Nat!) A great big instigator of this blogging bizo is that I’m fully expecting someone to discover my rustic charm of writing and ask me to do some sort of Erma Bombeck column on my musings (again a young person just groaned and fell off their chair not understanding anything I’m saying). Or even to a lesser extent being discovered somehow for something like Julie Rafter in the now defunct Packed to the Rafters TV show. She started writing a blog , got discovered, nearly had an affair and got done for drink driving after having a wine at lunch. The only part of that I will not partake in thankyou is the having an affair bit! I’ll be much too busy drinking at lunch!! Hahahahaha!!! So anyhow nearly lost my train of thought and this is just paper!! Hahahaha (there is the laughter again). So, oh yeah, why start a blog? And why do I agree “to a point” about people liking a good laugh? The short answer to this is… I don’t know. The longer more poignant answer is:
Blog; an odd phenomenon that is sweeping the world like facebook and whilst it did take me a while to get on the FB wagon I quite enjoy it on the whole (not the rude bits). “I don’t want people knowing my ins and out’s!!” I would scream indignantly at anyone who asked me casually if I was on FB but as it turns out I DO like people knowing my in’s and out’s after all!! (Apologies to all I screamed at about “never ever going near that trash can of trash, FB!!!!” I still don’t know why I was so angry about it). Don’t get me wrong here though folks, I don’t mean my ins and outs as in everything I’m doing on an hour by half hour basis! How do some people have time to post every little thing! Seriously, no one cares that much about your cats vagina. I just mean I discovered the thrill of writing a status and found sometimes it would make people laugh. As I’m always looking (for the funny), this was thrilling for me. Now apparently you can’t write really humorous and interesting things on FB constantly. Some people get bored with fascinating and bold insights filling up their news feed. I said to someone not long ago when starting to explain something that happened “oh you probably saw that on FB” meaning I didn’t want to start telling them again if they already knew the outcome they replied, “no, I never read your posts they just go on and on.” Yes, a blow to my ego to be sure but that got me thinking there has to be a better way for the world to enjoy me (as I said blow to my ego Ha!!) So long story short… A blog was born.
Second answer: I’ve forgotten the question… Seriously. Anyhow, I now know the actors name from The Mighty Boosh, Noel Fielding. Just in case you were yelling his name before and I didn’t hear you. He is nice.
Second answer: I’ve remembered. The ‘agreeing that people like a good laugh to a point’ bit.
Most people do like a good laugh, I’ll agree, but people have real hurt, hardship, lies and threats, ‘living in fear’ type situations going on for real each and everyday and sometimes laughing is way down the list when problems take up most of the page.
So I do enjoy a good laugh this has been established. Obviously I’m not walking around like some sort of loon constantly laughing and having no problems, but I do like to lighten the load by bringing something else to the table occasionally.
I have no idea what this looks like as far as a blog goes. I have no firm plan which you may have already worked out…… Hahahahahaha!!! I guess I AM always laughing like a loon!! What is wrong with me?? Well that, my friends, is a story for another time…


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